Festival of the Amsterdam city lights `Amsterdam, the city of brightness`

During the festival of the Amsterdam city lights the buildings and canal bridges are in the spotlights and the historical public area's are filled with light art. We offer luxury private boat cruises along the festival, which is open to everyone. During the cruise there is a guide on board that informs you about all the sights along the route. 

From the water, you have a perfect view of the beauty that the canal offer. Besides the historical buildings there is art from international light artists, both emerging and established artists. From November 30, 2017 till January 21, 2018 you can book special cruising packages on one of our classic salon boats in Amsterdam.

Enjoy this festival in combination with a relaxing cocktail cruise with several bites or luxury dinnercruise. 

We are happy to make a customized offer for your own company. 

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