Green key boat rental Emission free cruising in Amsterdam

Due to new regulations in the city of Amsterdam, all passenger boats that cruise the canals have to be emission-free as of 2020. Most boats are still using engines that run on fossil fuels like diesel. These boats have to be refitted in the coming years to comply with the new regulations.

Aemstelland private boat company recently changed its engine and the boat became fully electrical. 64 batteries and a 10 KW engine were installed into their smallest saloon boat, Elisabeth. This ensures a minimum of 14 hours of silent cruising. In 2015 Aemstelland became the first canal boat company in the Netherlands to receive a green key certification and holds the gold status.  

The canal belt of Amsterdam is on the world heritage list of the UN. 30% of the city is water and Its labyrinth of canals makes a canal cruise one of the biggest attractions to cruise it by boat. Last year alone some 3 million passengers made a cruise.