Extra catering on board Sandwiches, pastry or lunch

Delicious dishes, combined or served as lunch:

Coffee complete
Coffee complete, 2 cups of coffee or tea with cookies and chocolate € 6.15 p.p. 
2 cups of coffee with assorted pastry from 'Arnold Cornelis'  € 8.50 p.p. 

Petit fours from 'Arnold Cornelis' € 3.00 each
Assorted pastry from 'Arnold Cornelis' € 4.00 each
Pastry from Patisserie Holtkamp € 5.00 each
Piece of sweet pie from Limburg € 3.50 each

See our menu for all the lunch options
Mini sandwiches 3 per person € 12.50

Lunch menu 2018 in PDF
Bites menu 2018 in PDF

Dessertbuffet incl. coffee/tea € 12.50 p.p.

Prices are excluding 6 % BTW (VAT)