Eco friendly boat rental

in Amsterdam

We are very proud to have received a gold sustainable hospitality mark, the so called Green Key label, as the first salon Boat Company in the Netherlands.
In the mean time Green Key has changed their name into Duurzaan Gastvrij.

Environmentally friendly

Sustainable hospitality, formerly known as Greenkey, is the national quality mark for sustainable companies in the business and leisure market. Canal cruise companies with a eco friendly label do everything they can to save the environment. The highest possible level of social responsibility without having to compromise on comfort and quality for their guests.


Suppliers and catering companies are selected as much as possible on their own M.V.O. (Corporate Social Responsibility).

In addition, the annual Green Key inspection ensures a constant focus on sustainability.

Eco friendly


Aemstelland private boat company recently changed its engines and our boats became fully electrical. 64 batteries and a 10 KW engine were f.i. installed into our smallest saloon boat, Elisabeth. This ensures a minimum of 14 hours of silent cruising. In 2015 Aemstelland became the first canal boat company in the Netherlands to receive a green key certification and holds the gold status.

To name a few more examples we installed LED lights in our office and boats, reduced waste by 30% and use environmentally friendly detergent. Our captains has completed a course for energy efficient cruising. We switched to serve Marie Stella Maris mineral water, which directly contributes to cleaner drinking water project elsewhere in the world. Besides all these small steps we try to encourage everyone to take public transport to reach an easy accessible boarding location.

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